Friday, May 28, 2010

1 Year later...

I can't remember why, but a year ago I started this blog. It has been fun and a great way for me to hold myself accountable. Knowing that I put goals out there and that my friends and family expect race reports kind of keeps the focus on getting the job done. Seven triathlons, three marathons, one 50k, and a stress fracture later, what a year it has been. Thanks for taking an interest, or at least pretending. I will continue to update the blog regularly and hopeful become better and better at doing it.

A quick update on things. My leg is almost completely healed. I still feel some pain in it from time to time, but it isn't really stopping me from anything. I've started a training group with the church I belong to. We are training for the Mountain Lakes Sprint Triathlon in August. So far it has been interesting and I anticipate having a great time with it and hopefully making a difference in some aspiring triathletes lives.

Next race for me is Buster Britton Sprint Triathlon in my hometown of Pelham. It is short and hilly.

One other note, Blue, the dog some have called evil, is going to visit the local dog whisperer. We are hopeful that he can learn to like others. This may be the biggest challenge of the upcoming year and keep in mind I'm signed up for an Ironman!

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