Friday, October 15, 2010

Running, and It Feels so Good!

I have been a bit scared about the prospects of running a marathon as the final leg of an Ironman in just 3 weeks. My run training has been almost nonexistent so I was really nervous when I went and ran a 12 mile trail run last Sunday. Turns out I killed it, felt great the whole way and left feeling somewhat confident. I mixed in a little speedwork and some short runs this week, then hit a 10 mile run this morning. Again, I felt great and never felt any kind of pain or weakness despite that fact that the pace was just a touch under 8 minute miles. It has been difficult recovering from the stress fracture. Not that my leg isn't strong, but there is still some lingering pain and I don't really trust it 100%. These last few runs have been huge at building that trust back. I'm re energized about running again and really looking forward to this upcoming marathon and ultra season, who knows maybe I can be fast!

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