Thursday, December 3, 2009

Memphis Marathon

There is quite a crew headed to Memphis this weekend for the St. Jude Marathon. I'm really excited to be going and pretty excited about the race. I had a dream about the race last night, I don't remember a ton of details, but in the dream I ran the race way faster than I thought I could. The goal is 3:30:00 and to be honest that probably is not realistic. My friend Julie is also aiming for 3:30:00 so we will run together and see how it goes. As usual my training has been less than stellar but still better than last year. My ace in the hole is that I've actually run some long distances this fall so hopefully my legs won't fall apart when I hit mile 20. I've always been a race day sort of guy so hopefully I can find a little something extra like I normally do. This is the site of the first long race I ever did. Just last year I ran my first half marathon, it was a struggle. My time was something like 1:50:00 and it hurt to walk for the next 3 days. I've come along way and met some great people that have helped me get there. Looking back it is crazy to think that I've only been doing this a year. I wonder what things will be like next year.

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  1. Things will be even better!! Ironman-style :o). Good luck running--you'll run great (and whether you do or don't we're all going to have a blast this weekend!)