Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Born to Run

Warning: the following contains information about a book

I enjoy reading, but I'm not much of a reader. That being said I recently finished the book Born to Run and let me say it is hands down in my top 5. I could ramble on and try and tell you the story but that would be like me pinch hitting for Babe Ruth, not nearly as effective as the way Christopher McDougall tells the story. I will say this, so many different stories are weaved together in a fascinating way. I learned so much; about the Tarahumara, about ultra running, about the ultra running community and the whackjobs that make up the community, and about the idea of running without shoes.

Yeah, that sounds weird, but the data suggests it may be the healtiest way to run. Thanks to folks like Nike the athletic shoe industry is big bucks, but is it possible that all these high tech shoes designed to make your foot move a certain way are actually fighting against nature? There are barefoot runners that swear by it and while I can't vouch for their technique, I am going to try it.

My plan is to get the Vibram Fivefingers barefoot shoes this week and start breaking them in on some short 2-4 mile runs. If all goes well it will help me develop better running form and a stronger foot. I'm eager to see how it works and I will keep you posted on the success or failure of the barefoot experiment.

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  1. I'd definitley try out a pair of the Vibram FiveFingers if you want to get into barefooting! I'd start off wearing them for very short bursts, to allow your feet to get used to them. And maybe try them with the Injinji toe socks, these will fit inside your FiveFingers to keep your feet warm and blister free!