Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Doing Nothing Is So Hard.

So first off, yes I know I'm an idiot and I had it coming. But not being able to run or ride a bike like I want to is killing me! Last weekend was the Mercedes Marathon, it was also the first time I've ever signed up for a race and then not participated. Running a marathon is tough, but not being able to might be more difficult. I was able to support some great friends and at least seeing them do well was a nice consolation. Last week my doctor and I decided to shut it down completely and put an air cast on my leg. It is helping, but I continue to struggle at not doing stuff that will prevent my leg from healing. So far I've been doing more swimming and some boring slow riding. Who knows maybe this will make me a better racer when I can finally race again. April is the target... I hope I'm patient enough to make it.

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