Monday, March 15, 2010

What did you say?

So I went to the doctor this morning to check another check up on my stress fractured leg. After yet another x-ray he comes in and says, "I have good news, its healing." I"m like what?!? Why does it still hurt. Apparently that is common, but that part of my leg is probably stronger than the rest of my leg now. Here's a picture of the x-ray, if you look close you can see a lump on my bone. That, I'm told, is the bone regenerating and means healing has occurred. Apparently over time that lump will flatten out. I don't plan on running again for at least another week but the doc said there is very little chance of reinjuring the fracture again. The plan is to start running again in late March, try to get in at least a 8 miler before New Orleans. Injuries suck, maybe more mentally than physically but I can find two positive things that have come out of this. One, I appreciate my health and being able to run a lot more. Two, I no longer hate swimming.

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