Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Race Week New Orleans 70.3

Most of the time you have an idea of what to expect going into a race, this is not one of those times. I'm still overcoming my first real injury since I started racing and therefore have not really run at all since January, and even in January I wouldn't call it running. The doctor says my stress fracture is healed, but that I should expect some discomfort. He is right, it still hurts and I can still feel the lump of calcium build up where the stress fracture was. He promises me I cannot re-fracture the leg.
I've done a good amount of training leading up for this race. A lot of time on the bike, an increased amount of time in the pool, and no time running. The only thing I feel confident about this weekend is that I should have a really good bike split, everything else is an unknown. My swimming should be better, but I really have no way of knowing. My run is a complete unknown. Is it possible that it will feel so good to finally run again that I enjoy it? Is it more likely that it will hurt so bad that I turn in a super slow run(more of a walk)? I just don't know, but I hope I'm tough enough to gut out a decent performance. Initially my goal for this race was to do it under 5 hours. In a perfect world that may still be attainable, but more realistically I'm just looking for a PR which would be better than 5:16:58. We'll see how it goes and even if its a bad race, I'll be on Bourbon Street when its done!

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