Monday, August 2, 2010

Building back is difficult

I was excited when I was cleared to start training again. Not only was it great to get back to work, but I had also managed to gain only minimal weight. Surely this meant that I would be back in form in no time. Not exactly. Turns out I had lost quite a bit of muscle and replaced it with some tasty fat. Now, I can't swim worth crap anyway, and when running I go through spurts where I can keep up with the crowd, but on the bike I'm always out front. The last few weeks I've watched a lot of people riding away from me. I've spent a lot of time bonking and midway through a ride, I even had to get off my bike and walk it up a hill at one point. Big time reality check.

This past weekend I did a nice 100 mile ride with my friend John. About halfway through things were looking bad. John was pulling away in spots and I was coming to terms that I still had about 50 miles to go and temps were in the mid 90's. Lucky for me I got a bit of a second wind about 70 miles in and finished a lot stronger than I anticipated. Am I back, not yet, but at least I am starting to gain some confidence.

In other news Blue the fat Cattle Dog (AKA Blujo) has lost a little weight. He's down about 10 pounds, and we have at least 10 more to go. The heat is killing him but at least he's figured where the AC vent in the car is located. Hopefully this fall he can get his mileage up when the temperature starts to drop.

Two upcoming races in August. Mountain Lakes Sprint Triathlon and a Sprint Tri in Athens, GA at the end of the month. No real expectations, I just want to have fun.

That is all the official news I have for now, but I sense there could be some interesting things in the works so I'll keep you posted.

Gotta Run!

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