Friday, August 27, 2010

Tri to Beat Cancer Preview

A couple of months ago someone pointed out to me that there was a race in Athens, GA. I'd never heard of it, but was interested since that is where my brother and his family live. I haven't seen my nephew Drew in a few months and since he is only 15 months old he's changing a lot from month to month. I'm real excited to see the little guy, maybe be a bit of a bad influence like a good uncle should. The race itself is Sunday and I'm not sure what to expect. This is the first year they have held the race so I'm sure there will be some issues. What I do know is that its a short race. Swim is just 400 yards, bike is 17 miles, 5k run. I'm not expecting a very tough field but I guess I'll find out Sunday. If I can finish top 10% in my age group I will qualify for the USAT Age Group National Championships. Even if I qualify I doubt I'll do the race, but it would be nice to say that I could have done it. Two weeks ago at Mountain Lakes Triathlon the race went great. I missed the top 10% mark by just 5 seconds but still finished 5th in my age group and really had a race I could feel proud about. The new race strategy of just going out and racing worked out great. No watch, no goals, just racing till the finish line. I figure this weekend will be a good fun one no matter what so I really can't lose.

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