Monday, September 14, 2009

10 miles is harder than 100

So I'm not going to lie, it was a tough weekend but definitely a fun weekend. Started things off Saturday morning with the big 100 mile bike ride, although it did not go as planned. We started with a big group, most of which had planned to turn off and do a shorter ride. The plan was for John and I to go to Pell City and then south for a big loop. We didn't account for highway 78 merging onto I-20. That wasn't going to happen. Luckily another rider we picked up knew a loop through Springville and that turned out to be a good ride. We encountered some angry dogs and a much more enjoyable 49 cent hot dog. We averaged 17 mph which was ok and I was surprised that I didn't feel that bad when it was all over. The real pain came Sunday... after a night of drinking John and I hit Oak Mountain for some pretty tough trail running. The plan was 15 miles, point to point so we dropped a car off at the end. 2 miles in I felt like death and was really slowing John down so I turned around. The run back to my car felt a lot better so I decided to loop around on the trail and meet up with John and at least finish the last leg. I guess I ended up doing just a little more than 10 miles and man did it hurt. Lots of chicken wings and beer afterward made it a little better but on Monday I'm in pain. I've got less then two weeks till my first half ironman, and three weeks till my first ultra race. Ready or not I'm registered.

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