Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 days left!?!?! Ouch!

I was thinking about how lucky I've been to be injury free all year. After yesterday's run I'm really scared. Rain put a big kibosh on the weekend training, and while I'm sure I could have found time and a place to get some work in I chose football. At the time I figured I be fresh on Monday and I'd be able to get a great run in. Rain again pushed my run indoors and after about 3 laps around the track I felt a great deal of tightness in my right calf and shin. I stretched it out and tried to get going several times but something clearly was not right. Now I'm 4 days away from my first half ironman and I don't know if I can run. I'm going to give it another go today but I won't lie I'm scared. The worst part is I don't know what happened. On a more positive note, I'm finally learning how to swim. Full disclosure, I've always been able to swim, I just had maybe the worst form ever. Big thanks to my friend William, he's been patient with me and totally reworked my stroke, kick and position. I feel good about it and hope to see a nice difernece in the race on Sunday. I'll be leaving for Augusta on Friday, my plan is to crash with my brother and his wife Friday night, it will be cool to see my nephew Drew. I hear he's getting a lot more active so that should be neat. I'll be crashing in Aichen, SC with my Uncle Jack and Aunt Joyce so that will be cool and pretty affordable. At this point I'm very excited but also nervous. Luckily I'll have several friends there so that should make the who thing a lot easier. Gotta run, wish me luck; I need it!

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