Friday, September 25, 2009

Headed to Augusta

Training is not my strength. With that in mind I'm trying to be realistic about my race this weekend in Augusta. This will be my first half ironman and I think an honest expectation is to just finish. Having a goal time is normal and I'm trying to figure out what mine should be. My guess is 40:00 for the swim, 2:50:00 for the bike, and 2:00:00 for the run, so that tells me 5:30:00 should be my target. I have no idea if I can do that. Last night I did my last workout, a good swim, good rpm class and nice easy PAIN FREE run. I don't feel near ready for this, especially compared with my friend John (who is training for a full ironman and actually training properly), but ready or not I'm going to try and just enjoy the race. If you want to keep up with the actual race on Sunday they have a live race tracker ( where you can follow people's progress.

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