Friday, November 6, 2009

Ironman Florida

I am going to my first Ironman race this weekend. No, I'm not racing, not sure I'd be able to finish a race like that in any amount of time. I've got three friends that are racing, and my friend John has graciously invited me to come down for the weekend. I've done a lot of training with John, most of it on the bike, a little running, an even smaller amount of swimming. While I think I've made some huge strides in my fitness level this year, John just continues to amaze me with what he's done. I know he will have a great race. Part of the reason for going down is to support him, and my other friends Sara and Jessica Jacobs (she's a pro and really doesn't need my support, but I'll yell for her anyway) the other part of going down is so I can sign up for next years race. Believe it or not, despite the fact that these races cost way to much money to enter, they sell out as soon as registration opens. One way to ensure a spot is to sign up on site the day after. Scary to think that next year at this time I'll be getting ready to do an ironman. Can I really do it? Do I have the ability to actually train for something like that? The proper training schedule lasts for like 6 months. Lucky for me I'll have some help, John is doing it again next year and so is our friend Colin. They are both way better than me so hopefully they can drag me up with them instead of me dragging them down. I'm super fortunate to have met these guys, I mean what would I be doing if I wasn't running and riding hundreds of miles every month... probably drinking. Cheers to great race, a lot of training to come and a cold one when its over!

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